Album Credits & Appearances


The Most Perfect Album, “15” WNYC More Perfect Compilation. (songwriter, producer, vocals, guitar, viola). 2018.

Let Me In - Hospital Ships (violin). 2018.

Argonauta - Aisha Burns (songwriter, producer, vocals, guitar, violin). 2018 Western Vinyl

The Subversive Nature of Kindness, “Grass Fire” - Thor & Friends (violin) 2017 Living Music Duplication.

Clear Language - Balmorhea (violin, viola, voice) 2017 Western Vinyl.

I Came to Sing the Song - Adam Torres (violin) 2017 Fat Possum.

You Winsome, You Lonesome - Alex Dupree (violin, string arrangements) 2017. Keeled Scales.

Pearls to Swine - Adam Torres (violin) 2016 Fat Possum.

Caitlin Kraus Torres - Caitlin Kraus Torres (violin) 2016 Keeled Scales.

Maggie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - David Wingo (violin) 2015.

Heir - Balmorhea (violin) - 2014 Western Vinyl.

Wishing Well - Dreamtigers (violin) 2014 Arctic Rodeo.

Life in the Midwater - Aisha Burns (songwriter, producer, vocals, guitar, violin, viola). 2013 Western Vinyl.

Stranger - Balmorhea (vocals, violin) 2012 Western Vinyl.

Ballrooms & Cannons - Legs Against Arms (violin) 2012.

Elements of the Field - IDYL (violin). 2012 Dr. G. Recordings.

Haunts, Volume 1: The Palace - Meryll (violin). 2011.

Take Shelter [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - David Wingo (violin). 2011.

Live At Sint-Elisabethkerk - Balmorhea (violin). 2011 Western Vinyl.

Candor/Clamor - Balmorhea (violin) 2011 Western Vinyl .

Loveshines But the Moon Is Shining Too - Sunset (Violin) 2010. Autobus Records.

Dog Pound [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Balmorhea (violin). 2010.

Constellations - Balmorhea (violin) 2010 Western Vinyl.

Guest Room [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Balmorhea (violin). 2009.

Crown and Anchor - Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band (violin) 2009.

All is Wild, All is Silent - Balmorhea (violin) 2009 Western Vinyl.

Rivers Arms - Balmorhea (violin) 2008 Western Vinyl.

Las Meridanzas - Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band (violin) 2007 Belle City Pop.

Noteworthy Live Appearances With:

*Balmorhea (vocals, violin, viola, guitar, vibraphone)

*Julien Baker (violin)

*Adam Torres (violin)

*Thor & Friends (violin)

The Album Leaf (violin)

Peter Broderick (violin)

Christina Vantzou (violin)

*Hospital Ships (violin)

Dreamtigers (violin, vocals)

*Alex Dupree / IDYL (violin, vocals)

*=has toured with