Introduction to The Sound of East Austin

Creative copy featured in EASTside Magazine, Austin, TX.

The Sound of East Austin Intro - EASTSIDE Magaazine.jpg

"It is in the happy accidents.  It’s in the near silent seconds of gentle tape hiss before the sound of what may be the perfect take.  It is your heart pounding at the foot of a stage, somehow feeling the eyes of the expectant crowd, eager for something from you.  It is possessing the bravery to share. It is laughing in camaraderie with your bandmates though you’re tired inside, stranded in anywhere USA while your van falls apart.  It is both feeling so sure that you have something begging you to create, and feeling completely uncertain about it all.  

It is day jobs and shared houses.  It is highway signs, rest stops, and green rooms.  It is listening to yourself and the beauty that rises from a melding of minds.  It is both purity and reinvention of a sound.  It is ownership of and surrender to the mystery of where the sounds that roam your mind are truly born.  It’s the bass drum echoing underfoot.  It is in the space between the last note ringing out and the first applause.

This is living in music.

For four East Austin bands, their art drives them across the country, but it all starts here."